Do people lineup when they hear you’re the one doing the cooking? If so, you might be able to make use of your cooking skills to make a little money in your free time. Here’s how to do so.

Cooking For a Crowd on Special Occasions

Thanks to how busy people are in general, getting a few catering jobs in London is not difficult at all. However, even though you are skilled in the kitchen, and flavours blend effortlessly for you, it is possible that you feel cooking for a crowd or cooking under pressure can be a little more complicated than your everyday cooking¾and that handling all that responsibility by yourself is pushing yourself a little too much. This is when we recommend joining a catering agency and cooking with a team of experts to make this task easier on you.

They Make the Meal, You Do the Dessert

More often than not, when people invite friends or an intimate group over for a meal, they prefer cooking the meal themselves. After all, it isn’t all that much of a hassle for those who are skilled in the kitchen. However, one thing they prefer not having to do is dessert. If you love making desserts, and would rather avoid cooking the rest of the meal, then consider simply doing desserts for order. You can easily advertise your “goodies” online, through social media platforms and the best part? If you’re a college student, or if you work a day job, you can work around your schedule to make the dessert with ease!

Pre-Order Meals Served In Your Home Kitchen

Is running a restaurant or running a large your secret dream? What if we tell you that though you don’t have the means to run a large scale kitchen yet, you can still make your dream of serving strangers your delicacies a reality? If you have a small kitchen in your home, set up a table and make sure it’s presentable and selfie worthy a setting. Then start advertising your skills by sharing pictures of your food online. Once you have made yourself an impressive fan following, start letting people know that you are willing to cook a meal for an exclusively group, pre-order basis. You can even make it so that you have exclusive rights and control over the menu.

Sharing Your Family Recipes in a Private Culinary Class

Apart from your skills for cooking, do you also have the skills for explaining or teaching? If so, you should also consider teaching a few of your signature dishes for a price. If you own a quality camera, and the skills to shoot while cooking, then you should consider teaching through recipe tutorials online, in video sharing websites that pay you. Of course, to really make money you should already have an impressive fan following. And if you feel this may not get you the money you want immediately, consider teaching them one-on-one. One-on-one classes are pretty hard to find, especially for beginners. However, it is a class that you should not have any difficulty teaching. From baking secrets to knife skills, you can get someone’s kitchen journey started off with a bang!

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