Though it does not always happen, office outfits are something that you definitely want to give a little thought to, as it helps you create a good first impression. If you’re looking for a chic outfit that is both stylish and works friendly, then the below suggestions are exclusively for you!

Think Beyond The Black, Blue And Grey

If you are someone who primarily wears black, white, blue and grey for work because you think those are the appropriate colors for work¾we got news for you! You can easily wear any color that you desire, provided that you find a muted shade of it that is more professional and work friendly. Salmon, muted sky blue, olive, mustard, burgundy… these are all more “mature relatives” of those bright and cheerful colors that you probably choose for casual outfits.

A Sensible Pair Of Shoes Can Be Matched With Any Outfit

We are strong believers to the fact that in order to work efficiently, one must always be comfortable. After all, if uncomfortable, you will only be distracted. Keeping this in mind, we love pairing sensible flat walking shoes with almost any outfit. Dresses, skirts, and even All uniforms industrial workwearlook chic with a pair of shoes! And while it may certainly look chic, we suggest you avoid white shoes as they get dirty fast,  giving you an unkempt appearance.

Quirky Earrings With A Professional Outfit Add A Dash Of Fun

Who says you can’t wear jewelry to work if you want to appear professional and be efficient at your work? Certainly not us! As far as your choice of jewelry is not too flashy or make distracting noises, you should be fine. Our personal favorites to wear are a quality wrist unit, a pair of quirky earrings, or a statement necklace/collar necklace over our office shirt. The last one is a fun way to spruce up any boring outfit!

Printed Pencil Skirts Are Unorthodox, Yet As Professional As They Can Get

For most women, pencil skirts are a must when it comes to office outfits. And why not, as they are both chic and professional. But if you want to give this a twist of chicness, we suggest opting for printed pencil skirts. These are fun to wear and can be paired with many tops to create a lot of outfit options. You can even pair it with boots, tights, and sweaters to make it more appropriate for the colder months of the year. 

Casual Jackets And Jeans¾Not Only For Men

When you talk about casual work wear, it is mostly men who immediately think of casual/sports jackets and jeans as outfit options. We are here to tell you that even women look fabulous wearing the same! To make it a little interesting, consider wearing colored jeans and dressing the outfit up with a few interesting pieces of jewelry. You can also opt to carry a bag that is both efficient and chic to complement your outfit, as the outfit is very basic. We are a fan of the Envelope clutch when it comes to business wear; a bag that can convert any outfit into something better.

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