Hospitality industry can be quite profitable if you do it right. For example, many hotels such as J.W Marriott, Hilton are making money because they satisfy consumer’s needs for which they are willing to pay a high price. If you want to start up your own hotel then keep reading:

Choose the Right Location

Location plays a huge role in thehotel business, this is because many consumers choose a place based on where itis situated. This industry is competitive so a good way of having a competitive advantage is choosing a place whichstands out from the rest. However, keep in mind that you might not get theperfect location at the price you want. It can be a little more expensive butthis will indeed give your customers sodon’t be let down by the high price. Alsochoose a place based on the concept for examplemost of the boutique hotels are located in hills where it is cold. Whereas mostof the holiday resorts which have the beach view and other facilities such aspool are located on warmer sides.

Create Awareness

Just like how you would market yourself when offering a product, same way when offering a service you need to let customers know about you. There are many hotels which offer great stuff at a reasonable price but the only reason they aren’t successful enough is because they have failed to create awareness among the consumers. So do not hesitate in spending on marketing, the cost is indeed high but the rewards of it can be even higher. Also target all consumer groups provided your hotel has entertainment for all of them. For example to attract the younger generation you need to have a pub or a games room. Also to attract them you could do social media marketing which is much cheaper than the traditional one. Apart from this you will have to do brochure printing and distribute it to different places. Make sure you design it right and attract consumers from picking your brochure instead of others. This can be done by offering some discounts.

Make Customers Priority

In order to be successful in the hospitality industry, it is veryimportant to make your customers priority. In the case of hotels you need to offer services which noother place does so the customer would choose you over them. For example, most of the people like to go tohotels to relax from their day to day hectic life, however, there still arequite a few people who go to hotels to have fun with their friends and to makememories. This is why you will have to offer a varietyof services. Many hotels in Genting highlands have casino and clubs to attractthe young crowd. Another thing you could do is offer them a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Indian,Italian and Japanese. This will attract people from different parts of the worldto pay a visit to your hotel.

Apart from them hire a lot of staffso then can assist the guests, duringseason time you could recruit extra people such as more chefs and lifeguards who could leave once the seasonends.

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