As the industrial revolution began in the 18th Century, humans were able to consume many products that made their lives all the easier, however, the increasing consumption caused another problem, which we still have not efficiently dealt with event today, due to the vast quantity of it. It is of course garbage. Garbage disposal has become quite a big problem to many countries around the world, regardless of whether they are developed or still developing. In the present day though there seems to some progress that has been made in the matter, which has made the planet a little cleaner. Here is the journey of how trash disposal evolved throughout the years:

Early Days

Since the pre-historic era, man has had many ways of disposing their rubbish, especially in the form of burning. The making of a fire has always been major breakthrough in the history of the Homo Sapiens due to the fact that it not only provides us with light and cooks our food, but it also is capable of destroying things that we do not want. Although these ways were efficient in the early days, man began to live in communities that required mass disposal of garbage, which resulted in fires becoming quite redundant.

19th Century

It was during this period that the empires, such as that of Britain ruled almost the entire world, and gave its colonies a number of systems and infrastructure in order to make lives more convenient. One of these systems was the disposal facilities for garbage. Here, the authorities would generally set up a garbage disposal area, which is called a landfill, and would make sure garbage trucks would collect the garbage of each household in a particular area and dump it in the designated area, which is then incinerated. However, this did not seem to be the best solution, as it affected the environment in an adverse way.

20th Century

In this period environmentalists stepped in and suggested the recycling of certain garbage, such as that of paper. The reason for this is that it eliminates the great volumes of garbage that is normally incinerated, which in turn results in lesser emissions to the atmosphere, and requires lesser space in a landfill. This did solve the problem for quite some time, until the population of urban areas increased and the consumption of goods and services of one household increased, making it quite difficult for landfills to cope with, even in Australia.

The Present Day

In the present day the problem of overcrowded landfills has been somewhat alleviated, with the convenience of the skip bin. In Australia at least, landfills no longer have garbage thrown around in a pile, but neatly arranged, so as to make sure the disposal all the easier. Should you look to dispose your garbage, always makes sure to look for the leader in skip bin hire in Geelong or elsewhere in the country, so as to make sure the garbage is collected and disposed of in the most efficient way possible.

In short, man has come a long way in disposing trash, however, it still does not seem to be the best way as environment concerns are still a problem. Regardless, the little innovations over the years has made some positive impact in our lives.

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