Australia’s most popular attractions are located along the coastline, especially in areas like Sydney and Melbourne. The best way to enjoy the Australia coastal wonders is by boat. If you want a different experience in Australia other than driving or flying to places, a boat ride can typically cut it.

There are two main ways to go on a boat ride in the country, unless you own your own vessel. You can cheaply and conveniently hop on a public ferry for short rides with lovely looks. But if you truly want to enjoy Australia on water, then renting a boat for an hour or more is the best. Here are several suggestions for how you can go about doing just that:

Search Online for Available Options

If you are thinking about renting a boat, start by doing a simple Google search for boat rentals in the area you are visiting. You will most likely find many options available. Browse through the results and see what’s available to get an idea about what you can eventually rent. Rental boats are available for sightseeing, events like parties, and for romantic outings.

Select the Type and Size of Boat

The next step is to choose the type of boat you want. Australia has plenty, such as yachts in Melbourne or cruise hire Sydney. Smaller vessels like sailboats and much larger trips on ships are also possible. You will have to device the type of boat you want depending on the nature of the outing and the number of people going.

Once you know the type of the boat, pick a size. This should really depend on the number of people who will be on board. Some vessels are naturally larger, so it might not be a problem. But if you are renting something like a motorboat, the size really matters.

Understand Rental Company Requirements

Local boat rental companies in Australia have strict contractual agreements to ensure the proper use of boats they hire out. Don’t get on the boat unless you understand the terms of the agreement. Rental companies may ask you questions for safety reasons, such as whether you know how to swim or whether there would be children on board.

If you want to steer the boat yourself, you will need a license issued in Australia or an equivalent acquired in another country. Keep in mind though that most rental companies provide their own captains and deck hands, if necessary.

Check Amenities On-Board

Don’t forget to look up all the amenities that will be available on board for the duration of your ride. For example, does the boat have sleeping quarters and cargo holds for overnight trips? Would meals or snacks be provided? Would there be stops along the way for swims or sunbathing on deck? Consider all these before deciding on which boat to board.

Scrutinise the Rental Cost

Expect the rental cost for the trip to differ from what you may see advertised online. The final price will depend heavily on the number of people going, the type of boat you want, the route you chose, and the amenities you would want on board. There might be fees attached for the captain and other company workers on board. Therefore, make sure you fully calculate the cost for the rental before signing the contract.

The above tips should help you locate a great boat rental to enjoy your stay in beautiful Australia.



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