Child obesity, eyesight problems, asthma due to inactiveness…these are all problems common in children nowadays. And while we certainly blame technology for it, we too are equally to blame. Here’s how you can right that wrong.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Time and time again, it has been a proven fact that when it comes to children, regardless of their age, actions speak louder than words. If you want your child to be an active individual with varied interests, you must first become so yourself. Teach yourself a few new skills and adopt a few new hobbies. If you look like you are having fun even without being glued on to the screen, your child might attempt to imitate you.

Make Their Bedroom More Interesting

When it comes to kids with a never-ending amount of energy, bedrooms are very boring spaces. This is especially true because they don’t use this space for any other fun activity. Try to make a change in how they feel about their bedroom by making it a more interesting space. Opt for a few children chairs Brisbane and a matching table, just to give them a place to work their creativity in. Make it open and bright space, filled with sunny colors and eye-catching designs.

Introduce Them To Board Games And Outdoor Activities

If you’re going to be asking your child to stay away from smartphones and screen time, it’s necessary for you to make sure they have access to other activities to fill their time. Board games that you enjoyed in your childhood may still catch their interest, especially if you bend the rules to suit their age or to suit the present times. Likewise, take the time to introduce them to a few of your favorite outdoor activities; be that it is picnicking, or playing outdoor sports.

Take The Time Out To Play With Them

In truth, it’s not going to be enough for you to simply introduce them to the substitute games and activities, and expect to take a step back from this. If you truly want them to enjoy doing these activities, you will have to take the time to play and partake in those activities. This is a must in the initial period at least, when they are still getting used to being without electronics. Therefore, it’s best if you introduce them to games and activities that you will enjoy as well or things you can partake as a family. Camping and hiking is a great example of such activities that require the whole family to be on board for best results.

Have A Set Time For Electronics And A Set Time Without

Without a doubt, the initial period when you set the ground rules are going to be tough, especially if your children are very young, and you cannot reason or bargain with them. instead of clashing heads, try to establish a routine, where you allocate certain hours for each day without electronics. This may seem very insignificant, but is, in fact, a great place to start and work your way up from.

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