Not everyone is fortunate enough to have adequate floor space for all their mementos and belongings, especially those living in or renting high rise apartments. Renters and homeowners often resort to having compact furniture or fixtures that serve double purposes, an ottoman that is also hollow for storage or a coffee table that also functions as a magazine rack.

This is what’s happening to most of the crowded cities in the world. Having extensive space is not something everyone can afford. So now what to do with all the things that could not be fit in the cupboards, cabinets and under bed storage? Should all these be disposed of and just adopt the ideals of minimalism? Hold off just the garbage bags yet, for there is another solution for your storage woes.

Portable Storage Buildings

Portable storage buildings are the answer to those with closets and storerooms that are already brimming with personal effects. Depending on your preference these storage buildings are usually built using wood or steel framing and could be assembled in any open space. This situation is so common that approximately 1 in 10 households is renting a storage unit.

Buy or Rent?

Companies are now offering portable buildings for rent which are spacious and customizable to fit your needs. There would be no need to toss out your first ever dining table or all the strollers and baby cribs your kids used that you wanted to save as a keepsake. Rental storage buildings could store all your bits and pieces on a monthly basis. Renting is advisable if storage is only temporary and if it is in your future plan to purchase a bigger home with lots of storage spaces. Renting is also more sensible especially if there are chances or probabilities of relocation and long duration travel. It is also more logical if in case the time to sell unwanted items arise. No more need for space if all kept items are sold. If storage is more permanent and if there is enough space to build the storage unit and the budget permits, better to buy the unit than rent since renting is more expensive in the long run.

Rent to Own

Rental of portable storage units are considerably affordable and are an immediate solution to organizing possessions that are not used in daily occurrences but could not be totally disposed of yet. If buying is not yet an option and renting for a long time is impractical, another option is rent to own. Once you own the unit, you could transport it with you should you relocate to another home or town. Rent to own schemes often consists of reasonably priced down payments and monthly payments. Even with these flexible financing options, the rent to own storage buildings could still be custom built depending on your preference.

Loss of space could either be attributed to families outgrowing childhood homes or the need for a home office occur. No matter the reason, storing things that took you years and finances to accumulate must be prioritized. Souvenirs, gifts and remembrances that are memorable must be kept in a sturdy and reliable storage unit.

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