Burglaries and similar crimes are a concern for many homeowners who live in suburban areas. Your home could be at higher risk of a break in if it’s situated in an isolated area or in a neighbourhood with high crime statistics. Instead of fearing crime, you can protect your home with these easy security tips:

Install a Home Alarm System

Home alarm systems are widely available and are very popular for keeping homes safe. These days you can buy an alarm system on the cheap. There are smart home alarm systems that a user can control remotely. You can also just buy an alarm for the front or back door of the house. Choose any option that you like and install an alarm. Though alarms can be technically tampered with, these are still great precautionary options.

Make Sure the Windows are Lockable

Though windows do come with locking mechanisms, these are not necessarily safe from intruders. You should install certified security shutters Melbourne   for optimal protection. Shutters with lockdown systems are the best for keeping your home safe. Make sure the shutters are motorised, so an intruder cannot lift it up manually.

Install Sensors and Detectors on Second Floor Entry Points

Most homeowners focus too much on entry points on the first floor and ignore the safety of second floor windows. Don’t make this mistake. Install safely locks and sensors on the second floor entry points. Glass break detectors are also highly recommended for the second floor.

Install Motion-Activated Outdoor Lights

Motion activated outdoor lights can easily let you know if someone is moving outside a window or a door. These lights could even scare away criminals who may otherwise hide under the cover of darkness. Occasionally a stray animal can set the lights on, but it’s not a hassle if the lights keep the intruders out. Also, motion activated outdoor lights can save energy compared to lights that are constantly turned on throughout the night.

Don’t Keep Tall Hedges Near Windows

Tall hedges or anything that can be climbed on should not be near windows of your home. An intruder can climb easily or use the hedges as cover to break into your home. Therefore, be careful when installing privacy hedges or fences in your garden. Take care to place these elements in a manner that will not facilitate a burglary.

Don’t Install Doors with Glass

Doors with glass parts may look nice. But a burglar can easily break the glass and get access to the door’s locking mechanism from the inside. If there’s glass on the door, make sure it’s shatter-proof.

Get a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras let you look at the person ringing the doorbell without having to getting close to the door. You can see a feed of the person at the door from any floor or area of the home. It’s safer than using a peephole because no one can determine from the outside that someone is at the door.

To make sure your home is optimally safe, you can ask a security company or local police to inspect it. Make sure you have the above basics down for keeping your home safe.

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